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Multiple monitors. No disruption. Healthy employees.

The Premium Smartpods series allows users to take their movement and their functionality to a new level.

This series offers everything you expect from the Smartpods name, and adds an entirely new movement plane: not only will the Premium move up, down, in, and out, but it also has the capability of moving left to right in order to simulate the natural movement of the human spine.

Premium page productThe Premium workstation is equipped with options including multiple monitor posts and our innovative cable management system.

The Premium product is ideal for 911 Centres, Air Traffic Control Centres, and other industries that will require 24 hour employee monitoring while using several screens. This workstation is ideal for larger plants and offices, with only a 7’x7′ footprint.

Professional workstations come in a variety of colours, and can be customized to match any office decor.

Standing option
Standing option
Light Installed
Integrated LED task light
Storage Options
Multiple storage options
Monitor Post
Multiple configurations
Storage box
Additional storage, various colours
Control Panel
Customized panel
Moves automatically
Moves automatically
Integrated monitor posts
Integrated monitor posts

Configurations and Layouts to Fit Your Needs

We can work with any sized space, style, decor option, and office configuration.

Contact us today to find out how you can bring movement, productivity, and health to your team!

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