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Technology to support productivity, health, and happiness.

Smartpods is the first workstation that allows users to work in a 3D setting to mimic natural human movement.

Smartpods workstations move in all directions at various predetermined rates to allow for maximum flexibility and effectiveness.

Simply set up a profile for each user, and the desk will take care of the rest.

An automated workstation that encourages users to move throughout the day, Smartpods users burn calories and become less prone to illness and injury resulting from prolonged sitting. The desk tracks and monitors movements, measuring calorie expenditures, time in specific positions, and allows set up of personalized wellness programs.

Easy Assembly & Integration

It can take as little as an hour to set up the Basic Smartpods, with no special tools or training required.

Perfect for cubicles, open concept layouts, or any size office, Smartpods has a solution for almost any space. Due to the shape of the station and the available privacy panel, sound is absorbed allowing less distraction no matter how close the desks are set up.

Cable management is available in all of our options, creating a classic, clean, and uncluttered look. The pullout desk drawer allows for easy access to computers, and the innovative tracking system enables complete 3D movement of the station.

We offer solutions for every scale and style of office.

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Configurations and Layouts to Fit Your Needs

We can work with any sized space, style, decor option, and office configuration.

Contact us today to find out how you can bring movement, productivity, and health to your team!

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